About Us

Sunya Development Group has operations in the countries within the East African Region and Southern Sudan.

Sunya Development Group undertakes design and construction / development consultancy services. The professional partners in Sunya have been offering Consultancy Services for as much as 30years.

Our involvement development consultancy and our previous experience in various projects does give us a good understanding of the project requirements making it possible for us to design, supervise and implement the construction projects to their successful completion.

Construction Process

The construction process involves clients’ brief, concept designs, working drawings, tender documentation, bid evaluation, award of contract, design implementation, supervision, approvals of work and construction.

This process as briefly outlined has various elements and to a great extent complicated. This has in most cases required the skills of different professionals to form a design team and work together towards the implementation of the clients’ requirement and achieving the set goals.

Team Credentials

The Sunya Development Group team involved in the design of the works would include all the professional players in construction projects. These are Project Manager, Architect, Quantity Surveyor, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Structural Engineer, and Civil Engineer.

The expertise and experience of the team makes it possible for us to deliver the level of excellence our clients are seeking.

Professional Personnel

Sunya Development Group has got a number of professionals in the varied fields.

The Key persons are:

  • Arch. David Kashiano – Sunya Architects Director
  • Q.S. Nyamondo Douglas – Projects Director
  • Gerald Rotich – Sunya Services Director
  • Q.S. Edward Ochego – Sunya Quantity Surveyors Director

Our team members are all qualified professionals who have been involved in various projects in the East Central Africa Region.

Choosing the right people to perform the work will be one of the most critical parts of the selection process.

Basis of Our Charges

Our professional fees and expenses depend primarily on the following factors:

  • Fixed fees for the works or Percentage fee
  • Out of Pocket expenses / reimbursements Professional fee


Our fees should be viewed against the quality and standard of our services to you.

We believe that our costs are competitive reflecting the quality of our service and deliverables to you. The value we will add to you will significantly exceed the costs that we will charge.