Our Aproach

2. Our Innovative Approach

 We are a widely diversified team providing advice in many fields where construction expertise is required. We believe we are at the cutting edge of innovation in terms of developing the best methods of advising our clients regarding their key consulting issues.
 We listen to our clients. Client service starts with an understanding of each client’s needs and objectives. Adding value is our objective for every client.
 The above aspects are particularly relevant in may need to be explored.

2.2 Our Key Team

2.2.1 Professional Personnel

Sunya Development Group Ltd. have got a number of professionals in the varied fields. Nevertheless the following Will be Directly involved in the project upon being awarded this contract:

• David Kashiano – Architect
• Nyamondo Douglas – Project Manager / Quantity Surveyor
• Henry M Mboli – Electrical Engineer
• James Okeyo – Structural / Civil Engineer
• Gerald Rotich – Mechanical Engineer
• Edawrd Ochego – Quantity Surveyor

(We have enclosed CV’s of the proposed Professional Staff in appendix B)
Our team members are all qualified professionals who have been involved in various projects in the East Central Africa Region.

Choosing the right people to perform the work will be one of the most critical parts of the selection process.

Any significant changes to the proposed engagement team will be communicated to the client and suitable replacements appointed.