Quality & Standards


We will go great lengths to ensure the services provided by our team and consultants meet the highest standards. A clear and transparent governance structure with respect to the consultants is in place.

Basis of Our Charges
Our professional fees and expenses depend primarily on the following factors:

  • Fixed fees for the works or Percentage fee
  • Out of Pocket expenses / reimbursementsProfessional fees
    A lump sum Professional fee has been submitted separately for this project.

    Out-of-Pocket / reimbursements
    This will carter for costs such as print outs, documentation, drawings as shall be required in the course of the project.
    The costs will be incurred by the consultants upon the client’s consent and reimbursed by the client.

    Our fees should be viewed against the quality and standard of our services to you.

    We believe that our costs are competitive reflecting the quality of our service and deliverables to you. The value we will add to you will significantly exceed the costs that we will charge.

    We would be pleased to review our costs if there are budget constraints.